Road Patrol

The Road Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office provides professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Steuben County with 24-hour coverage seven days a week. Twenty-four Road Patrol Deputies and six Criminal Investigators provide police services to Steuben County. The county is divided into three zones with two substations in addition to our main base at Bath, New York.

In addition to handling emergency and non-emergency complaints, deputies handle thousands of calls for service including property checks of cottages, seasonal camps, and businesses. They also investigate crimes and assist the Criminal Investigations Unit with investigations, conduct pistol permit application investigations and serve warrants and civil process papers. Steuben County Deputy Sheriffs conducted over 400 pistol permit application investigations and served almost 3000 civil papers county-wide in 2018.

In addition to their regular duties, some deputies are assigned technical duties such as Fleet Manager, Field Training Officers, DWI Coordinators, Traffic Safety Coordinators, Firearms and General Topic Instructors, Child Safety Seat Technicians, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Honor Guard and Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Steuben County CIRT tactical team, Warrant Squad, Navigation Patrol, and Bicycle Patrol are comprised solely of Deputy Sheriffs.

Deputies also conduct child safety seat educational details and bicycle rodeos, instructing in the proper use and wearing of bicycle helmets. (Child safety seats and bike helmets are given periodically at pre-arranged sessions in conjunction with the Steuben County Public Health Nursing.)

Group Photo of Road Patrol and K9 Units