What Is Triad

TRIAD is a community policing initiative between seniors, law enforcement, and service providers to increase safety through education and crime prevention programs.

Who Is Involved in Steuben County

Sheriff’s Office, all local Police Chiefs, NYSP, NYSEG, Steuben County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), and the Steuben County Office for the Aging, along with seniors representing all parts of Steuben County.

When Did It Start

Nationwide in 1988, Steuben TRIAD was formed in February 1999.

What Do Triads Do


  • Sponsor Crime Prevention programs for older persons
  • Make available information on criminal activity


Recruit and train volunteers to assist the police and sheriff's department


Staff reassurance programs for older persons to reduce fear and provide moral support


Provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to share needs and concerns -- and develop a solution.


  • Unite seniors, sheriffs, and local police to identify problem areas for seniors and the local community
  • Implement community-wide solutions

If you are a Steuben County Senior Citizen and would like more information about TRIAD or have suggestions or concerns you would like considered for TRIAD action you may call: 607-664-2298