Stop Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Programs

Stop Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) patrols are scheduled within an area of Steuben County. Generally, these patrols are intensified where the crimes of DWI or DWI accidents occur most frequently. Areas are identified by the sheriff’s office STOP DWI coordinator or previous patrols and are scheduled through the office of the Undersheriff.

When STOP DWI patrols are scheduled, they are typically offered through the overtime procedure and are excluded from normal policing for the duration of the patrol. However, in the event of a serious incident or other matter requiring immediate response, DWI patrols may be called upon to respond or assist.

DWI Sobriety Road checks are held by the Sheriff’s Office several times during the year. Areas are identified for sobriety road checks according to accident and DWI arrest information. Typically, the sobriety road check runs in the late evening/early morning hours. A command post is present with the sobriety road check so that dependents may receive their breath tests on-site and other arrest processing performed.