Natural Gas Task Force


The mission of the Steuben County Natural Gas Task Force is to address natural gas development related impacts on County government operations and make best use of opportunities and to assist local governments or other agencies with impacts or opportunities when feasible and appropriate.


Intensive natural gas drilling is likely in parts, or in all, of Steuben County over the next several decades due to the presence of Marcellus shale gas, and perhaps other "unconventional" gas resources, made available by high-volume hydraulic fracturing. If New York follows patterns seen in other states experiencing intensive drilling, we will see changes in population, land use, community dynamics, local economies, and government services demands, including law enforcement, emergency response, and human services. Such changes will alter the character of our rural area in both positive and negative ways. The Natural Gas Task Force was formed to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to these changes in order minimize negative impacts and make the most of positive outcomes and opportunities.

The Steuben County Natural Gas Task Force is committed to open public meetings of the Steering Committee and the sub-committees. The Task Force encourages citizen participation as it endeavors to address natural gas exploration's secondary impacts on county government operations.

Mr. Joseph Hauryski, County Legislator and Chairman of the Task Force, would like to remind the public of the limitations placed on the County by State Law: "At this point in time, I think it is imperative that the public at large understands that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has exclusive jurisdiction over natural gas, and in particular, shale gas exploration, development, and operations."

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