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Judith M. Hunter, County Clerk
(607) 664-2563

Judy Hunter, County Attorney The County Clerk is a constitutional officer, elected for a four year term. The County Clerk has a constitutional duty to serve as Clerk of the State Supreme Court in the County, and a statutory duty to serve as Clerk of the County Court. As Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, the County Clerk provides files, records, and indexes of papers in legal actions and proceedings. The County Clerk also maintains judgment dockets, and records of monies paid or ordered to be paid into Court. In addition to Court duties, various statutes require that the Clerk's office: record deeds, mortgages, assignments, and liens; files maps, pistol permits, financing statements, and Federal tax liens; qualifies notary public appointments in the County; files oaths of office of County officials; issues motor vehicle registrations and licenses. Files kept by the office are permanent and are used continually by attorneys and the public in checking real estate titles, criminal convictions, and other legal records. The expenses of the Clerk as clerk of the courts are partially funded by the State under the Unified Court Budget. The costs for other services performed by the Clerk's Office are, in part, charged to the individual user, who pays a fee for recording and filing papers. In addition, revenue is received from mortgage tax fees, criminal fees, motor vehicle fees, casual sales tax, and deed and transfer tax fees.


For Questions and Answers Regarding NYS Pistol Permit Recertification please click here.

Pistol Permit APPLICATIONS purchased prior to January 1, 2018, are no longer valid and cannot be accepted.

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The Steuben County Clerk's Office will begin accepting PDF format RP5217 tax forms with deed recordings. For instructions please visit the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance at:

As a reminder, please provide a POSTAGE PAID return envelope for the return of the document to the listed recipient.

Thank you for our cooperation in this matter.

March 03, 2014

In order to process MOTIONS, PETITIONS, AND ANSWER/REPLY PAPERS TO MOTIONS/PETITIONS, the Original and at least one full copy must be submitted. Originals are filed and retained in the office of the County Clerk, and the Court will need a full copy of any motions to complete the action you are seeking. Original EXPARTE MOTIONS will be forwarded to the Court. Please take note they will not be FILED until returned to the County Clerk’s Office. Please provide a POSTAGE PAID return envelope for copies you wish to have returned to you. Extra copies received without a postage paid envelope will be disregarded. As a reminder, the Steuben County Clerk’s Office scans all documents that are filed, and colored paper other than yellow is not always legible after scanning. Colored ink stamps or markers are also problematic for scanning purposes. Backers and colored attachments to the top of documents are removed and disregarded. Please do not assemble documents with binding that cannot be removed and replaced. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. April 17, 2013

Pistol Permit Applicants Please Note: You must appear at the County Clerk Office (M-F 8:30-5) to pick up a Steuben County Pistol Permit Application ($10 fee) We cannot accept any other Permit Application (or photocopies).

For Information on obtaining copies of Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates-Please contact the municipality thay they occurred. (Steuben County Directory)

For Traffic Tickets contact the District Attorney Office (click here)

For Back Taxes and Payment Arrangements please contact the Finance Office (click here)

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