What is 911?

911 is a nationally recognized telephone number used to call the police, the fire department or the paramedics when help is needed immediately.

911 is a number used for emergencies. However, the definition of an emergency varies from person to person. The best way to judge whether or not to dial 911 is to ask yourself - "Do I need help immediately?". If the answer is yes, dial 911. If the answer is no, dial the non-emergency number for the agency you need to assist you. If there is even the slightest chance that you may need assistance right away, don't take a chance - dial 911.

911 is an easy number to remember. It is easier for children, and also easier for the elderly to remember. 911 is also easier to remember under stressful circumstances. Let's face it, if you need help now, there is no time to look up a seven-digit number. Even dialing 911 saves time.

911 is also easier to use when out and about. If you're at the mall or grocery shopping in the next town, or even if you're out for a Sunday drive, the number for emergency assistance is always the same. 911.

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1. What is 911?
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