Jack Lisi Youth Awards

The Jack Lisi Youth Awards are presented in early Spring of each year to recognize and provide incentives for youth ages 16-21 who overcome major obstacles, are working hard to succeed, are often overlooked, and who have a strong desire to achieve. The awards are presented annually by the Jack Lisi Youth Award Fund, an independent 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, and a community partner of the Steuben County Youth Bureau.

The Jack Lisi Youth Awards are given to selected youth as a recognition of significant efforts to overcome obstacles, and also as an incentive, or a “boost”, to continue to strive forward. According to Angie Lisi, Jack’s wife, “Jack had a compassion, concern, and respect for youth who had problems which hindered their ability to achieve, and he felt that often they were not given enough credit.” By recognizing, supporting, and assisting these at-risk youth, the Jack Lisi Youth Award Fund carries on the legacy of Jack Lisi, and empowers these youth to move forward.

Up to eight awards are presented annually, which include financial incentives, such as financial assistance for college, career training opportunities, text books or other educational materials, or uniforms/tools needed for career related employment.

For more information on the Jack Lisi Youth Awards, visit the program’s website.