Voter Information

How do I change my party?

You can change your party by filling out a new voter registration form, selecting the party of your choice, and mailing it to the Board of Elections at 3 E. Pulteney Square, Bath NY 14810. Don’t forget the stamp.

All party changes received will take effect immediately until the February 14th cutoff. All party changes received February 15th through June 30th will be held. On June 30th all party enrollment changes that had been held will be changed.

Party changes are held February 15th through June 30th due to Primary Elections being held during this time.

I changed my party, why am I still listed as…

If you’re party change was received after the February 14th cutoff date your party change will not take effect until June 30th.

Example: You mailed a voter registration form with a party change to the Board of Elections and it was received on February 25th, the party change will take effect June 30th. You will receive a card in the mail listing your new party affiliation once it has been processed.

Information for Military and Overseas Voters