ServSTEUBEN Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) - Volunteers Needed

ServSTEUBEN MRC MapServSTEUBEN Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is Steuben County Public Health's volunteer program. In an emergency, the MRC volunteers are contacted to help Public Health keep the community healthy and safe.

We need both medical and non-medical volunteers. Can you help?

We Need:

  • Aides - To help with patient care
  • Clean-up - To keep facilities hazard-free and assist with waste disposal
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - To help with patient care and triage
  • Food Preparation and Distribution - In the event of mass sheltering
  • General - Running errands, setting up cots, loading unloading supplies
  • Nurse - EMTs - To give vaccinations
  • Pastoral Care / Mental Health - To calm fears and assist individuals in coping with possible traumatic situations
  • Pharmacists - To prepare prescriptions and supervise break-up of bulk supplies
  • Physicians - To discuss medical histories and prescribe medications
  • Security - Assist with crowd control

We know there is a volunteer opportunity just for you! Become a volunteer!