Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program is a statewide program created under the direction of the State Health Department to provide early identification and services to children from birth to the age of three years who are suspected of having developmental delays or a diagnosed disability.

The initial Service Coordinator is assigned and will contact the family as soon as possible. The initial Service Coordinator assures that an appropriate screening and/or multidisciplinary evaluation takes place.

After the evaluation, the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) process begins including a meeting with the Service Coordinator, the Early Intervention Official or Designee, a person from the evaluation team and the family to discuss family strengths and concerns. A plan involving both the child and the family is developed and an ongoing Service Coordinator is chosen by the family to assure implementation of the IFSP.

Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists provide Early Intervention services in a child's home, daycare center, or Early Intervention center-based facility. There are no center-based Early Intervention Programs within Steuben County.

Rates for Early Intervention evaluations and services are set by the State. Early Intervention services are covered by Medicaid and some private insurance companies. The County pays for services not covered by Medicaid or insurance. NY State reimburses the county 49%. There is no cost to the family for this program.

On-going Service Coordinators are responsible for monitoring the delivery of Early Intervention services in accordance with the Individual Family Service Plan. As the child ages out of the Early Intervention Program, the Service Coordinator is responsible for facilitating the child's transition to preschool Special Education services and/or other programs and services needed by the child and family.

Respite is available to Early Intervention children. The amount of money available for a family varies depending on the needs of each Early Intervention eligible family. Parents submit documentation and vouchers to our office for respite services. We are reimbursed 49% by New York State.