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The Steuben County Sheriff's Office was established in 1796 with Sheriff William Dunn as the first Sheriff of Steuben County. Sheriff Jim Allard is the fifty-ninth and current Sheriff of Steuben County. The longest-serving sheriff was Sheriff Jack Lisi who served from 1970 until 1987.

For 225 years the Steuben County Sheriff's Office has kept the peace by providing public safety and law enforcement services to the citizens of Steuben County.

The Steuben County Sheriff's Office's mission is to provide professional and quality police and public safety services to the County of Steuben. The Sheriff's Office is a diverse organization providing services in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Civil, Court Security, School Safety, and Navigation Safety. Each Division's quest for excellence makes this mission successful. All Steuben County Sheriff's Office members are invested in providing professional, ethical law enforcement services to the community.

Recognizing Staff

Please join me in recognizing our staff in their ongoing commitment to

  • Professionalism - Integrity - Leadership - Service (PILS)
  • Send the Sheriff's Office a photo or comment of a staff member positively affecting a community member, either on or off duty. That staff member will be recognized and given an honor coin to commemorate their outstanding service.
  • Public Safety is everyone's business.


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Telephone NumbersDirect Dial Area Code 607
Sheriff's Dispatch607-622-3911
Civil Office607-622-3902
Criminal Investigation607-622-3903
Jail Administration607-622-3905
Jail Control607-622-3906
Global Tel Link (GTL) Collect call accounts for inmates1-800-483-8314
Anonymous Tip1-844-378-4847

Steuben County Sheriff's Office - Then and Now

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