Public Safety Critical Incident Management

The Public Safety Critical Incident Management (PSCIM) program is a 16 hour course that combines a series of lectures on the goals and tasks of the three primary emergency service disciplines, Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Service. It also looks at business and industry, with several life-like exercises simulated on an HO scale tactical simulator board. Participants work together in a Unified Command Structure to respond to simulated emergencies conducted by a team of facilitators representing the emergency services, industry, and others who may respond to an emergency.

The main purpose of this course is to expose Police, Fire, EMS, and industrial representatives to each other's operational concerns and responsibilities. This awareness greatly increases the likelihood for cooperation, coordination and communication among the responding agencies in bringing the incident to a successful conclusion. The experience that is acquired during the exercise simulations are the backbone of the course, allowing participants to achieve high levels of learning and significantly expand their appreciation of the need for an integrated agency response.

Through classroom instruction and simulations, students will discuss potential problems, practice decision-making, and coordinate an operation to solve these problems. This can be a stimulating and instructive experience for participants because, through careful facilitation of the course, they will see the benefits of cooperation, coordination, communication, and teamwork across traditional organizational lines.

Qualifications for Attendance

This course was developed for a specific target audience of emergency services personnel and business and industry representatives who have supervisory, management or decision-making responsibilities within the scope of their emergency duties. Suggestions for attendance include individuals who hold appropriate positions, such as those listed below:

  • Fire - Captains up through chiefs level.
  • EMS - Officers, captains, lieutenants, supervisors and agency crew chiefs
  • Police - Police officers, particularly supervisors, lieutenants, captains, sergeants.
  • Business and Industry - Emergency response personnel, safety officers, plant supervisors, SARA Title III facility coordinators, or any other employees who may work with emergency response agencies.
  • Location - The Public Safety Critical Incident Management Course is taught through Corning Community College at the Criminal Justice Center, Goff Road, in East Corning.

Developed By

  • Department of Health-Emergency Medical Services Program
  • Division of Criminal Justice Services-Bureau for Municipal Police
  • Division of State Police
  • Office of Fire Protection and Control
  • State Emergency Management Office

For more information contact course coordinator Doug Wicks 607-936-4645