Planning & Zoning Assistance

A goal of the Steuben County Planning Department is to increase the capacity of Local Governments to advance the sound, orderly, and sustainable economic and physical development of their communities and the county. To do this, we provide technical assistance and training to local boards and officials and review certain local actions as required by New York State General Municipal Law Section 239-m.

General Municipal Law Section 239

Actions requiring referral include new zoning laws, amendments to existing zoning laws, variance requests, special use permits, and site plan reviews, if the property is located within five hundred (500) feet of a state or county road, a municipal boundary, or certain other criteria.

This form is used by municipalities to refer actions to the County.

New York State law now permits municipalities and County Planning Agencies to enter into agreements that exempt certain actions from the County review procedure. If your municipality is interested in discussing the exemption option, please email the Planning Department.

Email the Planning Department for training information, upcoming courses, conferences, and online educational opportunities or to be placed on our training announcements email list.

Status of Local Planning in Steuben County