Staff Role Responsibilities

County Attorney

  • Primary legal advisor to the Legislature and every County officer who is paid in whole or part from County funds
  • May be required to attend meetings of the Legislature and committee meetings to advise on legal problems
  • Prepares resolutions and local laws of a technical nature and gives advice concerning the legality of legislation
  • Prosecutes and defends civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the County, the Legislature or any County officer
  • Labor relations
  • Prepares deeds and other legal documents for real estate being acquired or sold by the County
  • This position is full time.

Confidential Secretary

  • Secretary to County Attorney

Deputy County Attorney / Municipal Affairs

  • In conjunction with and at the direction of the County Attorney, investigates the law and renders professional legal opinions to the County Legislature and municipal and departmental officers
  • In conjunction with the County Attorney, represents the county and its officers in the courts, and at hearings of various types
  • Prepares pleadings, appeals, resolutions, ordinances, local laws, notices, contracts, and other legal papers and documents
  • Examines legal papers served on or filed with county departments and officials, and, in conjunction with the County Attorney, plans courses of action to follow to answer same
  • Performs legal and factual research in preparing cases for the courts and for hearings
  • As directed by the County Attorney, attends meetings of the County Legislature and its Committees and acts for and in place of the County Attorney in advising the Legislature and its Committees on legal and procedural matters

Senior Assistant County Attorney

  • On behalf of the County Attorney, represents the county and its officials in matters before the Family Court assigned to handle juvenile delinquency, and PINS matters
  • Oversees the preparation of briefs, petitions, subpoenas, etc., required for cases
  • Investigates and researches applicable law and renders opinions as directed and/or requested by the County Attorney
  • Examines legal papers served on or filed with county departments and officials
  • Supervises the maintenance of a wide variety of case records and files
  • Reports on activities to the County Attorney and discusses progress of cases
  • Assists the County Attorney with other matters as requested and as time permits
  • Attends meetings and conferences as requested
  • Other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned

Paralegal Assistant

  • Provides support for all JD and PINS matters