A system of care that serves the community: Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a vital public service, as important to your community as the police or fire department. But surprisingly, few Americans understand how the EMS system works or what role it plays. Emergency Medical Services is a system of care for victims of sudden and serious illness or injury. This system depends on the availability and coordination of many different elements, ranging from an informed public capable of recognizing medical emergencies to a network of hospitals capable of providing highly specialized care to the most seriously ill or injured. Local dispatch centers, ambulance corps, rescue squads, and pre-hospital emergency department personnel are some of the critical elements necessary for the EMS system to work. Over the past 30 years, the efforts of EMS providers at all levels have helped make our EMS system the most advanced in the world. But despite its remarkable progress, the EMS system still faces the challenge of declining support for volunteers and EMS programs at State and Federal levels. EMS Week, which occurs in May each year, is the ideal time to highlight how EMS makes a crucial difference in the lives of Americans.

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Steuben County EMS Study

The Center for Public Safety Management LLC (CPSM) was retained by Steuben County to conduct a comprehensive study of the emergency medical services system delivery within Steuben County, NY. This study outlines the current state of EMS and ambulance service delivery in Steuben County and provides potential options for future EMS delivery in Steuben County. Enclosed is a copy of the Final Report presented to the County as well as a presentation of the findings that was presented to the EMS Community on a Webinar October 26, 2021.

View the zoom presentation on October 26, 2021 :

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