Private Roadway Signs

Posting Standards


The sign should be posted on a signpost.The post should be of either galvanized steel or aluminum.The sign blade should be of aluminum material to prolong its life.


The sign itself should be of blue background with white legend. It should be of reflector material to insure its visibility in low light/bad weather.

The street name should be in letters of a minimum of four inches in height. Any pre-directionals/post-directionals (i.e., N, S, NE, SW) and suffixes (i.e., RD, ST, LN) shall be two inches in height.


The sign blade is installed on the post.The bottom of the blade should be a minimum of six feet above the grade of the installation point.This is to prevent injury to any individual walking near the sign.

The post should be installed with a minimum lateral clearance of 12 feet from the edge of the road. Where there is a guide rail (commonly referred to as a guardrail), the post should be at least two feet from the outside of the guide rail.

The post should be located so that the blade of the sign is visible in both directions of travel on the roadway which the private road is off of.

Auxiliary Signs

It is suggested that a sign also be installed on a post on the right hand side of the roadway as you enter the private road indicating that the road is a "Private Road".This will insure that anyone entering the road is forewarned that it is private property.The use of a "Dead End" sign may also be considered.